Learning to Delegate Boldly

Recently, on the inside of a wrapper of a  Dove Chocolate I saw a quotation that got my attention.  “What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?” it said.  In business today, particularly during these tough economic times, there is a tendency to pull back a bit and that is understandable.  That said, when it comes to planning for how to grow, expand, develop new products or markets, etc., perhaps we should start with a variation on this quote.

If our business wanted to accomplish XYZ goal, “what would our project plan look like if we knew we could not fail?’  When designing the assignments for a plan that could not fail, what would that look like?  When deciding which members of the team to select in a plan that could not fail, who would they be?  If we managed the delegation and execution of a plan that could not fail, what would that look like?

Begin your Project Plan with a Vision of the Outcome

I think if we started with the vision that we have created a plan, delegated it perfectly and managed to the exact goal of the Plan and then worked backward to what would all that really look like, we might just have a better plan and better execution.


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Michael D. Moore is the publisher of Management By Delegation and is a veteran executive with 40+ years in the Banking and Insurance Industries. A devoted entrepreneur, using his business experience to provide resources for managers and leaders at all levels. For the last 5 years, he has built a growing web presence for helping people with personal and professional development. To learn more about these advanced concepts & join our group Click here 5 Must Have Management Skills

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