Starting with a Basic Development Plan Template

When you are developing your own professional plan for growth it can be best to rely on a simple career development plan template. You will find a number of examples in Micro-Soft Word document templates and on-line.

A basic approach to a Career Assessment

  • Complete a Strengths and Weakness Assessment
  • Define the Skills Needed to move your career forward
  • Set Priorities for the skills and competencies to be developed
  • List the Skills and Priorities on a chart or table
  • Describe your current level of proficiency
    • You can use a brief description and/or rank the proficiency level (1 low to 10 high)
  • List the Target level for each skill
  • Outline the opportunity that would come from improvement
  • Set up your guide for how you will evaluate your progress
  • Set a specific time line for completion for each area for improvement
  • Establish your criteria for how you will know you have reached your goal level

Career Development Plan Sample

Take a look at the following image as an example for how to layout your plan.

sample personal development plan

Don’t Transfer Your Career Development to Someone Else

One common stumbling block to job advancement plans is the tendency to transfer the development over to some one else. This may not be the right approach. You are assuming someone else will know more about how you need to construct your plan than you do.  This assumption does not usually pan out. People in medium to big organizations presume that the business will  deal with their professional development, including your specific management training.

The truth be told, the business cares about its needs, plans and strategies and that is as it should be. What the organization feels an employees skills should be are related to the companies needs.  While this can’t be ignored in most cases, each person should consider how they need to improve to be successful in the future and it may not be with the current company.

By developing your own version of a career development plan, one that seeks to develop all your potential, you might gain the well rounded abilities that could enhance your growth… despite who you work for today.

Career Development Video Example

Untitled Document
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