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Does Employee Training and Development Produce Results?

It is believed that job satisfaction may increase productivity and employee surveys often allude to this as important. Employee training, particularly “skills based training” provide the employee and the team with someone who can contribute. Employee training can result in motivation and satisfaction as the employee feels good about their ability to add to helping the team.  Take a look…

How much do you value human resources development? – News Day
How much do you value human resources development?News Day According to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), most companies in developed countries spend more than $100 billion annually on employee training, with about 75% spent on in-house learning programmes. Human Resources ...

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It seems important that developing training plans be part of a long range plan to increase the skills and abilities and not a “knee jerk” reaction.  Where new technology or processes occur, training in these areas is valid, of course. We found an authoritative article on creating training with the right “impact” on the people being trained.

Organizational Development: Create training programs with positive impact – Richmond Times-Dispatch
Organizational Development: Create training programs with positive impact Richmond Times-Dispatch. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, employers have developed training plans and programs to address employee development needs. We have all observed training and education programs that had little or no impact and did not achieve the …and more »

One concern that managers and organizations may have involves how much employees value training programs. This is an understandable concern…but it is well-founded?

In my experience, employees often complain that training is a waste of time and very boring.  This is not always true but there can be valid views as well.  It is also true that well-conceived and presented training can have significant and long term benefits to all concerned.  Employees who are empowered with relevant training and development are more likely to feel positive and employee the training for the benefit of the business.

What about the benefits to a Companies Success with Quality Training?

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An organization who manages to implement quality education and development to staff and managers consistently over time not only increase morale and motivation but can build a reputation that can attract talent in the recruiting efforts.  Check this out..

How To Get Employees To Care About Their Professional Development – Fast Company
“Fast Company How To Get Employees To Care About Their Professional Development Fast Company But when professional development programs work, they help companies attract and retain top talent, increase employee engagement and satisfaction, and boost innovation. Most importantly, when your team is excited about professional development, your …


The key to effective goal-setting is making goals personal. Any fitness expert will tell you that it’s not enough to want to “be healthier”; it’s much more effective to envision what that means to you individually, whether that’s fitting into your jeans or being fit enough to run a 5K.”

The reality in today’s fact changing, competitive and global economy it that the businesses with the best trained people have a distinct advantages.  Companies and business owners would do well to take another look at how they train and what employees think and feel about it.

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