Delegating Assignments – How Much Tracking is Needed?

There are a number of ideas around how much follow-up and tracking are needed after delegating an assignment.  If the assignment is routine, then the manager may follow-up as needed.  That said, in many cases there is too little monitoring of project action steps or work assignments.

A reference that many of you have heard before is…”if you can’t track it, you can’t manage it”.  So take a Que from years of experience.  If it is an important, non-routine assignment you are delegating then track it!  Any reference you read that implies otherwise is coming from someone who has not managed a team to outstanding execution.  As a senior manager or supervisor, your job is to get important things done through others.  If your core responsibility is to get assignments done…to execute… then you simply have to be on top of the status of important work assignments.

Assignment Level of Importance and Criticality

The degree to which you track action steps and progress depends on the important and time-sensitivity of the work.  Where an assignment is “mission critical”, a more frequent tracking is desired.  Less critical assignments may only require tracking and checking back at due dates or inter milestones.  A successful manage can’t take the position that they are too busy to monitor work.  Monitoring the assignments you have made is your work.

Find a simple tracking system, review it daily and follow-up.

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