How to Assign the right people to the Project

Very often an manager or executive is developing a Plan of Action for an important assignment and in reviewing the potential or assigned team members realizes there is a “problem employee” in the mix.  Don’t kid yourself…this often happens if the team is big enough.  So what steps should the manager take before making assignments that could end in trouble?

Evaluating Employees for the Project Tasks

  1. Pinpoint the nature of a given employees past problems.  In what areas or with which team members might this same issue arise?
  2. Is this employee coach-able, by You, in your opinion?
  3. What are the likely reactions from the other team members who will have to work on the project with this person?
  4. Are there specific action steps of this project that would utilize this person’s skills and knowledge but mitigate potential problems?

It is very important to management delegation effectiveness to consider these questions.  In the end, if no workable solution to potential problems is available, the Manager may need a face-to-face Pre-game Discussion with the employee to gain an understanding of expectations and behaviors on the project.

Project Planning

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