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In a recent survey by Psychometrics, regarding employee engagement, one question dealt with what employees thought leaders could do to improve engagement between them. In 71% of the responses, the answer was “listen to employee’s opinions.”  Why do you suppose this type of survey response occurs over & over?

The answer is that good mangers are aware of the need and top managers work at it everyday. In my experience, one of the qualities that employees gravitate to is the feeling that the manger really cares about them. One of the key contributors to this perception is how seriously the manager listens to people. Have you ever been in a conversation with a manager or leader who really listens to you and focuses his/her attention on what you are saying? I have and it is a really empowering feeling. It makes you feel good and encourages you to engage and support this manager.

It is really a staggering characteristic to focus attention and care about what another person is saying. Frankly, if a manager is busy at the time, it would be better to say to the employee…”what you have to say is important to me and I am in the middle of something here but can we get together at 4:30 to pick up on this?” It is all about caring enough to give people your quality time when they need to discuss something with you.


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