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Effective Delegation of important projects and assignments comes with it’s share of stress for the manager in charge. Let’s face it. Managers and leaders of high performance teams are expected to execute to perfection, exceed expectations and drive for results. The higher you climb in the organization, the greater the pressure to perform.

This focus on results and high-performance can create stress-0ver-rides which can stall or derail the execution of assignments. One of the core management skills for over-all success in managing people and work will be your ability to cope with and work through peak stress levels that often occur. It goes with the management territory. It is also part of the skills and techniques of effective delegation.

So, how does this stress over-ride issue work?

When the manager gets to a place where the stress for execution results gets so high a particular points in carrying out the project plan, the stress can “over-ride” good judgement and constructive actions needed to press forward. The stress becomes the controller and has a substantial negative affect on the manager, the manager’s ability to execute effectively in the moment and the manager’s affect on the business team.

Here are some basic techniques that can form the basic starting point to manage and reduce the stress over-rides.

  1. Most often the manager needs to call a “personal time-out” and step back away from the immersion in managing the assignment causing the stress. Easier said than done for sure. It’ not as simple as counting to 10 but taking a time-out of at least an hour or two to clear your head and take a look at the whole picture is critical. Ideas and solutions may emerge with the “big picture” perspective.
  2. Physical fitness is important for ongoing stress management but can be very therapeutic in the heat of the battle. If you normally work out, make sure not to skip a work out and maybe put a bit more effort or time into workouts during stressful periods. Yoga is another helpful activity for those who are into this method. Yoga works and is a great stress reliever. Take a long walk. Run a few miles. Swim some extra laps. You simply must clear your mind and relieve the physical tension brought about by stress.
  3. Convene a group meeting. Bring together your key team members on the project, or in some cases everyone on the project.  Tell them exactly what is going on that is causing you, and likely other members of the team, stress that is reaching the stress over-ride level. Open the discussion around “what does everyone think is causing the stress?” Get some real brain-storming going to get a variety of ideas about how to deal with the problem. At the conclusion, pick the 2 -3 best ideas and assign responsibility for implementing the ideas.

In Management Stress Happens

The bottom line here is Stress Happens! It is part of a managers level of responsibility. If you are running with the eagles the very expectations for performance carry the “stress gene” with them. It’s not how stress reacts to you, it’s how you react to stress. Stress has a way of over-riding good judgement and sound action steps to reduce the pressure. As managers, we have to take control back from stress- over-rides and initiate immediate stress reducing activities.

P.S. Over time, we have been able to uncover ideas and strategies to help today’s performance based managers cope with and manage stress in order to prevent the “stress over-rides” mentioned above. One program that I believe has real utility for managers and executives to be able to over-see their own stress management is called Totally Tranquil developed by Holothink. Take a look at Totally Tranquil and see what you think. It may be a real stress saver for a number of managers and executives.

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