Confirm the employee gets the assignment

When making an important work assignment, most managers are prone to assume the employee “got it.”  In reality, there are any number of reasons why the employee didn’t really get it.  The result is wasted time, confusion, delays and poorly executed tasks.  Certainly, both the manage and the employee share responsibility for this lack of understanding.  So what are some of the culprits that cause an employee to be Silent about their concerns regarding the delegated work?

4 Causes of No Feedback on Delegation

Here are a few of the causes.

  1. They are afraid they will look “dumb” if they express their issues.
  2. They don’t understand some aspect of the described work but just think they will figure it out.
  3. They may have the experience with this manager that suggests any ideas will be disregarded.
  4. They may sense the manager does not have the time for more inquiry around the assignment.

there can actually be any number of reasons for an employee’s silence after the manager communicates the work project.  The usual manager inquiry…”Any questions?”…won’t change the silence.  The successful manager will probe more specifically and draw out the employee’s thought.  Questions like; “are any of the details of the assignment unclear or of concern?, or “can you please repeat back you understanding of what needs to be done and include your thoughts on any aspect of the task?”.  The important thing is to not accept the silence.


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