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Managing projects and assignments involving the coordination of a team of people is a function of effective management by delegation.  The key elements of successful project execution include Planning, then Delegating Assignments followed by Managing what you delegate.  Let’s explore these three elements and what I call the Max-multiplier…Team Building.

You can do a lot of things right when managing projects and assignments but you will fail to execute at the highest level without a clear and coordinated Project Action Plan.  A core philosophy of our Plan-Delegate-Manage program is to be able to build a Project Action Plan quickly and effectively for most day-to-day business assignments.  You approach this by dividing the project in to sub-segments of common activities.  These project Cornerstones will lay out a sequence of action steps, with both people and time-lines designated, and these will become the assignments for delegation.  make sure they the action steps of each cornerstone integrate with each other as needed.

Leveraging Your Action Plan

Once the Action Plan has been developed, reviewed and vetted with your team, you begin the delegation of tasks to your team that represents the execution direction for the Plan.  There are a number of keys and techniques for effective delegation such as making communication of the assignments clear, making them as Visual as possible, stating the time-lines and milestones for each assignment and then repeating the delegation and getting employee confirmation that they understand the task.

Managing the Action Steps that are delegated as the project unfolds involves carefully tracking the status of every active and outstanding assignment, doing “circle backs” and following-up.  Managing the Action Plan involves staying right on top of all open assignments, checking for progress, coaching when needed and pressing for increased “Velocity of Execution”.  As a high-quality manager, you have the responsibility and the absolute right to expect results of the people on your team.  When each member of the team understands your expectations, they see how well organized you have made the Action Plan and understand clearly that you will stay right on top of them and the progress of the assignment, you are on track for success.

While the Plan, then Delegate, then manage process is the right approach for execution, you will find that the top managed teams are really effective at working together.  This seems simple and makes good sense but achieving it is another matter altogether.

Effective Team Indicators

There are some key indicators to point at when you follow effective Team.

  1. You have skilled people who are well trained.
  2. The team has one or more veterans who sets the example in both work ethic and dedication.
  3. You have an environment where formal and informal “mentoring” by experienced people with new of novice team members.
  4. You can see and feel the Trust and “I have your back” attitude.
  5. Success is celebrated and where things don’t go exactly right, you see everyone picking each other up.
  6. Team members take pride in their results and have that “Can Do” attitude.
  7. You see management and leadership both at the top and throughout the team itself.
  8. People have a Vision of what they are all about and exactly what is expected of them and what they expect of each other.

There is a lot to this and many times teams an companies struggle to find this formula.  When management realizes that the people on the team are at the heart of the success of the business unit and the business itself, the first step toward excellence.  You can’t move the project or the business forward without team building.  Most companies and business teams could use focus and help in this area.  There are a number of organizations that can help.  There are many valuable ideas out there.  Check out the following Web-site Leap, for some very valuable ideas and help with business and corporate team building.

The more attention, training, communication and team building you give your organization, the closer to execution excellence you will be and great things will follow.

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Michael D. Moore is the publisher of Management By Delegation and is a veteran executive with 40+ years in the Banking and Insurance Industries. A devoted entrepreneur, using his business experience to provide resources for managers and leaders at all levels. For the last 5 years, he has built a growing web presence for helping people with personal and professional development. To learn more about these advanced concepts & join our group Click here 5 Must Have Management Skills

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