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I came across this great article in Squidoo and thought it was important enough to include in our Blog. Effective delegation and management skills are often the result of careful planning. Sometimes this seems daunting. It is by JA Vaughn Smith (javrsmith on Squidoo).

Despite the popular belief that project management is a difficult skill, the truth is that basically it is simple. So simple that children can, and do, manage projects. The problem with project management is that the working environment imposes complexity upon the project. This often makes the management more difficult. In order to understand project management, and why it is perceived to be difficult, you must learn about simple project management.

The Foundation Of Project Tasking

This is a concept that starts from the most elementary project tasks and explains these as a foundation. Only when the basis of project management is fully understood should the project manager attempt to handle the more complicated aspects of project management.If you truly analyze many projects that have had trouble, you may find that they became bogged down in complexity. Perhaps they were trying to implement a plan that was used before but was overly specific. Perhaps the requirements were overstated.

There is nothing wrong with a project paring down the work to the basics. After all, the goal of all projects should be to completed successfully. Complexity can be brought in by subsequent phases of a project or by additional projects.

Introduction to Simple Project Management

  • Scope – what work will be performed
  • Schedule – when will the work be finished…
  • Is this lens helpful?
  • Simple Project Management Plan
  • Project Planning Materials on Amazon
  • Projects are all about communication
  • Project Management on Twitter

The above article is by J A Vaugn Smith and can be viewed on Squidoo at

Additional Management Skills Resources

Simple Project Management

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