People oriented Management approaches

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The management skills that support a people oriented approach to team building and high-productivity require precise management. Organizations that have failed over the years are usually over managed and under fed.  Too much of the wrong management and too little of the right management skills delivers poor results.

Poor leadership reduces the morale of the employees, increases dissatisfaction among them and impacts the productivity and efficiency of the organization. What are the difference makers?

Leading & Managing People

Leadership and management are different facets. Leaders play a direct and active role in their employees and in turn focus their employees in achieving the organizational goals. The managers, on the other hand, have a passive approach in helping the organization reach its goals.

The leaders are self-driven and don’t depend on title or authority conferred on them to deliver results; basically the difference is in the formal or informal authority that they hold. The managers, on the other hand, need power and position to produce results. The people work enthusiastically for the leaders. The leaders are very good on their own and can manage the affairs of the organization. The managers become tense and nervous, if they have to work on their own, without support of people.
Leadership is focused on coping with change, whereas management is focused on complexity.

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Vision of the future

Leaders have a vision for the future, communicate them to the people who work with them, get their team working on the vision, help in getting over obstacles and develop the skills required to reach the vision. Effective leaders believe in building last relationships with their team members and aim to maintain and expand their relationship network. They invest (don’t spend) time in cultivating and developing the relationship with people. This is investment for the future. By helping their team to achieve their personal goals, the leaders strengthen the bond with their team. They focus on the positive traits and ignore the negative aspects of the team members.

To build relationships takes time, which the leaders understand well and wait patiently. They handle each and every member as separate individuals and give them the respect and place to perform their roles. Leader focus on drawing out the hidden talent in their team members and help them in becoming better people, who feel a sense of pride in what they are doing. When the team members look up to the leader for guidance, he’s ready to help him in overcoming his problem and difficulties. Leaders have a high level of energy which is required for motivating and guiding people.

Leadership qualities include initiative, ability and desire to lead, integrity, self-confidence, ability to reason, knowledge of the industry, organization. Add charisma, creativity and flexibility to these and a good leader is born. Human and conceptual skills are key skills required to be a leader.

Leadership Styles

The main styles of leadership are Autocratic, Consultative and Participative. In the Autocratic style, the manager takes the decision and the team works based on instructions provided. In the Consultative approach, the team members are consulted and their suggestions, ideas and thoughts are sought. A final decision is arrived at, after analyzing the pros and cons of the members’ opinions.

In Participative style, the Leader welcomes the input from the team and actively encourages them to work out the solution.
A successful leader focuses on the long term results not only the financial aspects. A manager concentrates on the short term financial gain losing out on the bigger picture in the bargain while a leader is not averse to losing financially in the short run and making it up in the long run.

Additional Management Skills Resources

Management Styles


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