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One principle of effective management that we continue to promote is to build a culture of “innovation.” This is really a core competency for most business unit managers. If you think about effective delegation practices, innovation deserves to be a consistent component. This week we uncovered an article that discusses “fixed performance” vs. “dynamic development” in the context of innovation by Carol Sanford…

Last year Inc. magazine asked me for my advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs. My answer was “do not copy the outdated—if they were ever relevant—or popular practices of old line business.” The previous and present eras I speak of are actually two worldviews. I call them Fixed Performance and Dynamic Developmental. They need to be a concern for parents, teachers, leaders in business and government, and anyone who works with any living thing.

Fixed Performance is the view that everything is “the way it always has been and the way it always will be.”  Any particular Dick and Jane are smart or dumb and were born that way. There are high and low performers, and they never change. Even though all people can grow and change, they hardly ever do.  A sad example of this view at work is the situation in public schools. Children are too often trapped with a teacher and within a district that hold the Fixed Performance view—especially now that federal programs tie teacher pay and performance ratings to student test scores.

The Fixed Performance nonsense is disproved by the experience of anyone who’s really paying attention. It’s also been debunked by recent research on how human brains develop and function.

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In contrast, the Dynamic Developmental view sees that people are constantly changing and evolving. No one has an IQ fixed at birth.  Any shortfall is a limit in current capability and can be improved by education, reflection and work in a culture that sees everyone as always learning and growing. Managers with the Dynamic Developmental view seize every opportunity to help people discover something new and grow from it. Organizations that work this way are flexible and resilient, never static or struggling to keep up with the competition. They innovate all the time and lead their industries from a belief in people as the number one means of innovation…More at Managing People Responsibly for Innovation – Carol Sanford

The efforts almost all managers make to lead and manage their people, to get important work done through others, can be more effective with dynamic innovation as a part of the cultural thinking. This culture creates buyin, enthusiasm and team participation.

This News & Views also brings you references on working with people and an interesting twist on managing for non-managers.

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