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Often times you will read about “how and how much” should a manager be available to an employee who received an assignment.

There is  a premise that the manager should assign a task and let the employee “own it.”  This empowerment is very often exactly what is required and at other times is a recipe for disaster.  The key, of course is to know the difference.  There is no hard and fast answer but there are some good guidelines.

3 Elements of Authority Level Delegated


Where the assignment being delegated is important and critical to a project or objective, availability can fall into one of two categories:

  • “Circle back with me at any point where you meet a road-block or where their is slippage in the execution of our project plan.”  This means that you as the over-all project manager want to have instant feedback where things are not going as planned and are available at any time under these defined circumstances.
  • “If you need to review or discuss any aspect of the assignment, and you have tried all the alternatives available to you, please get to me and we will work on it.”  This encourages the employee to seek their own remedies but leaves the door open to the managers availability. Note: One alternative here is to ask the assigned employee to seek out an identified mentor first and only if the two of them can’t resolve it the manager is available.
  • “If you, or any member of the team associated with the assignment, is out for any reason (illness, time-off, etc.) and you feel this may leave you in a lurch, by all means get back to me right away and we will discuss alternatives.”  this is always a possibility particularly when an assignment involves several people working together.

The important point regarding manager availability…don’t leave it to chance!  make sure your reports know what the “availability guidelines” are on each assignment.  This avoids indecision and unnecessary interruptions for the manager.

Project Milestone Ideas


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