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Every manager seeks to evolve into a leadership role and this is more important for developing management skills for first-time supervisors or new managers. In reality, leadership is a “personality” that evolves around your management skills and style. It may be helpful to look at various definitions of leadership and this week’s news & Views brings you several valuable articles on the subject of leadership.

The straight up dictionary definition of leadership is: The ability to guide, direct and influence people. The true definition is that – and a whole lot more. If you look at some of the greatest leaders in mankind’s history you will find certain things that bind them all.

Leadership DefinitionThe most important characteristic of any leader is charisma. Their ability to draw and attract your attention, belief and following is hinged upon their ability to be worthy of your time. A charismatic personality has the ability to unify people with their words and can amass a tremendous following just because people like looking at and listening to them. Superficial? Maybe – but it is essential.

So, what makes someone charismatic? Charisma is learned. It is not born into you . . . you can become charismatic in time if you follow some simple steps to getting people to like you. Then you will be a living, breathing definition of leadership!…More at Leadership Definition

To a great extent, defining leadership is really about understanding the effects that great leadership has for those who are under the leaders care. No matter what the description of leadership may be, or what the style, leaders inspire. Employees under a leader should be motivated, challenged and feel a sense of dedicated “followship” inspired by trust and a desire to follow the vision.

This “inspirational” effect comes from the passion, conviction, communication skills and trust generated by a true leader. Leaders manage but not all managers have high level leadership abilities. Those who first master the skills and techniques of outstanding managers will earn the time to develop the special skills of leadership.

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