How Do Top Managers Use the Social Media “Linkedin” as a key Management Skill?

When it comes to management skills and self-development, how someone uses a Social Media such as Linkedin provides a valuable lesson. Why does Linkedin usage matter? It matters because it shows leadership focus.

In a recent edition of Entrepreneur Magazine, October 2011, there is a very telling article on how managers and executives use Linkedin. Social net-working sites, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others, are very powerful and growing media. Most people realize this, but how people interact and apply these tools to their professions and business aspirations is still unfolding. If you look closely at the three predominant management levels in most organizations, you will find some very interesting statistics.

Let’s look at the Top 3 uses of Linked in by each of three levels of management.

“Entry Level Managers:

Job Search 24%

Networking with Co-workers 23% Networking within an Industry and Keeping in Touch (a tie) at 19%

Here, the Networking categories make up over 42% of the new managers Linkedin usage. The Job Search category seems to day “okay, I have a job but I am not satisfied and need to find something better.”

Managers In the Middle:

Keeping In Touch 24%

Industry Networking 20%

Co-worker Networking 19%”

The middle managers are much more committed to connecting with people than you might find with entry level managers. The top 3 Linkedin usage categories around connecting/networking account for 63% of their usage. “Job search falls to 8% while Business Promotion is 13%.”

Executives at Top Levels:

Industry Networking 22%

Business Promotion 20%

Keeping In Touch 18%

The top level executives are still connecting and networking at a combined 40%, but now Business Promotion is a key area of focus for their Linkedin usage. Using Linkedin for the Hiring category is at fourth with 12%.

There are two key areas for all managers to learn from as they evaluate how they use social media.

1. Ask yourself, are you benefiting from the potential benefits of Linkedin, and if not, why not? It is clear that the effective use of Linkedin for connecting and networking represents a management skill that needs to be employed.

2. Managers who aspire to higher levels, and want to be more effective at their own level, need to take note as to how the levels above them are using Linkedin. For example, if you are an entry level manager, you need to find ways to increase you connecting and networking activities to as much as 60%+ of you social media usage.

The takeaways here are very clear. First, if you are not using Linkedin and other social Media, do it right now. Start paying attention to how others in your company and industry are using Linkedin. Treat you Linkedin and Social Media accounts as research tools. Managers need to pay attention! Find the various “Groups” within Linkedin, and other Social Media, and join relevant groups. This will start the networking and connection process. Make the effective use of Social Media an important management skill to develop. This area of connecting through Social Media is too big to ignore, and if you do under utilize it, you do so at the risk of your own development. Go on line or find a copy of the October 2011 Entrepreneur Magazine and check out the article It’s In The Way That They Use It.

Imagine the Insights that connecting and networking give top managers. Take a look at our Post on using insights with management skills.

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