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There is important news for those interested in developing management skills and leading people. In Forbes, there was an article of interest to managers regarding the effects of boredom on productivity. In addition, we uncovered an interesting article about managers who over-estimate their abilities.

Bored In The Office: Is It The New Productivity Killer?

Jenna Goudreau, Forbes Staff

I write about navigating success for professional women.

In the aftermath of the recession, unemployment remains at 8.1%, workers continue doing multiple people’s jobs with little-to-no wage growth and scholars seem at odds about whether increased output is helping or hurting the economy.

At the same time, a less talked about and often unseen productivity killer may be rippling through the cubicle culture: Employee boredom. Multiple university studies have found that boredom can unhinge even high-performing professionals, resulting in sabotage, withdrawal, abusing team members and purposely failing at tasks. A recent headline asksIs workplace boredom ‘the new stress?’

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The Management Gap, 03 May 2012

Many managers have an inflated opinion of their ability to manage people, new research from the UK-based Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has found.

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According to the CIPD, nearly three-quarters of British employers (72 per cent) a worried about a deficit of leadership and management skills. However, the CIPD’s quarterly Employee Outlook survey of 2,000 employees also suggests that one problem in tackling this skills deficit is that many managers don’t know how bad they are at managing people.

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Forbes Thought Of The Day

“ Aggressive fighting for the right is the greatest sport in the world. ”

— Theodore Roosevelt

Leading and managing a business unit is so often a matter of taking a people-centric approach. If your people are bored you should know about it and change the atmosphere. If a manager has a blind spot about their abilities, having a trusted peer or a mentor to clarify your strengths and weaknesses can be a career saver.

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