Lack of Leadership Skills Major Employee Concern

It probably goes without saying but can not be overlooked, that solid leadership skills from managers is a high-valued trait according to employees. The latest news on the perceptions of employees is not positive. The art & science of “management” is about getting important work done through others. Leadership is a different sort of characteristic involving the ability to motivate and inspire people to accomplish a vision for a business or institution. Our first article covers a study showing that Three in four workers report manager’s lack of leadership, not a good sign.

“Three-quarters of employees report a lack of leadership and management skills, and believe that too many managers have an inflated opinion of their management abilities, according to research released today.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) latest Employee Outlook survey suggested that there is a “reality gap” between how good managers think they are in their roles and how effective they actually are.

The research found that three-quarters (72%) of employees reported a lack of leadership and management skills in their organisations.

In addition, while eight managers in 10 said that they think their staff are satisfied or very satisfied with them as a manager, only 58% of employees agreed.

The CIPD said that this “reality gap” is important because of the link between employees’ satisfaction with their manager and their willingness to “go the extra mile” for their employer.

The research also highlighted contrasts between how managers said they manage their people and the views of their employees. Six managers in 10 said that they meet each person they manage at least twice a month to talk about their workload, meeting objectives and other work-related issues. However, just 24% of employees say they meet their managers with such frequency…” More at Three in four workers report managers‘ lack of leadership and skills ..

There is little doubt the development of both leadership abilities and sound management skills and techniques can lead to better performance. Whether it’s leadership and management skills from online resources, educational institutions or company programs, more development is clearly necessary. In many cases, I have observed “high-skilled performers” being promoted (or pushed into) management with lackluster results. The abilities and experience needed to manage are very unique. Leadership abilities even more so. It is very important to find ways to develop both.

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