Managing People Through Productive Culture

The effort to managing people has many facets. The efforts and actions a manager takes to create  a culture of productivity in their workplace can be a huge results booster.

Think about how directing employee efforts and getting the most from their work product is really a core competency for successful managers. This week we have selected several outstanding references on the subject.

“Creating a more productive workplace doesn’t have to be another stressful task to add to your to-do list, in fact it is something you can really have fun with! If your workload is too high, appoint some members of your office to help.

Take a Survey

Create a quick email survey for all of your employees to fill out anonymously. Ask questions that will help not only make work more enjoyable for them, but will produce more structure and productivity for your company as a whole. Ask questions such as:

1.       Which incentives would help get you more excited about your job?

·         Pay raise

·         Paid time off

·         Longer Lunch breaks

2.       What kinds of things would you like to see in the break room?

·         Pin Ball Machine

·         Vending Machine

·         Flat Screen TV

·         Couch

3.       How can we better improve your lifestyle?

·         Have a Healthy Living/weight loss contest

·         Encourage 3 stretch breaks throughout the day

·         Have healthy snacks available in the break room”

Managers can make real headway here to create a culture where people thrive, are enthusaiastic and motivated. Seeing the work environment through the eyes of the employee is just smart business.  Even small employee centered changes can have a real impact on performance.


If your work productivity is low or high, it is always good to shoot for better. Take the results of the survey you conducted and incorporate them into incentives for your employees. For example, if your sales team sells $20,000 in a month, offer them each an extra paid day off. People enjoy being praised for their hard work and expressing your support will only urge them to continue on the right path toward success.


No matter what type of business you run, having some key fluid design elements in your office space is a great way to let your employees and clients know that you care about the overall appearance of your company. Creating a welcoming atmosphere at the workplace is one of the best ways to get your employees excited about coming to work every day. Through designing a welcoming waiting room with a receptionist area, you not only invite your employees into the workplace every morning, but you get clients excited about your business…” .More at Creating a More Productive Work Place | Chartered Management

The essence of managing a business unit is to get important work done. Creating a positive and productive work environment needs to be a centerpiece to these efforts. Among the most important management activities, building the winning culture has to be at the top.

Creating a Positive Culture

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