The Importance of Employee Performance Reviews

The employee performance review and management skills training materials. Almost any manager who has been in place for any length of time has faced the challenges of employee performance reviews. During my years in management, I really believed a quality performance review process was integral to success for moth the manager and the employee, Yet, the consistency and qualoity of these efforts, even with company tools and HR support was difficult. Our News & Views this week will introduce fome articles to shed light on this important issues


Almost half of employees hear the same criticism year after year, says a new study, yet most don’t act on it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

FORTUNE — Trouble meeting deadlines, ignoring requests or instructions, hogging the limelight in staff meetings — anyone who manages other people probably has at least a few underlings whose work, while okay (or even excellent) overall, could stand to improve in some particular way. As a boss, you may even have told them so repeatedly. Yet nothing changes.

“Nearly two out of three employees say they’ve received negative feedback” in performance appraisals, says a new study by Joseph Grenny and other co-authors of a book called Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success. The research found “managers giving employees the same negative feedback year after year with little effect on performance.” Only about one-third of those who have been asked to shape up have shown any noticeable improvement.

What gives? “Our whole idea of how to motivate people is outdated,” says Grenny. “The underlying assumption in most performance reviews is that, if you just tell people what’s wrong with them, they’ll feel badly enough to go and do something about it. The trouble is, we now have 40 or 50 years of research showing that it doesn’t work….More at Why so few performance reviews lead to any change – Management

Considering the issues, and how important performance reviews are to productivity, managers need to get commited to a process that is regular, interactive and established improvement objectives. This is an essential part of managing people.

Managers get important things done through directing the work of others. Motivating employees is a key aspect of this and in many cases is the actual difference maker to performance.

How to Give Proper Feedback

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