Your Personal Productivity Can Boost Management Skills Performance

Management skills are at the core of leadership effectiveness but they take time to learn and apply. Personal productivity is required to provide the time and focus to apply your skills. Many manager either take personal productivity for granted or over-look skills and techniques that improve effectiveness.

Gains in productivity and effectiveness have a significant effect on what managers accomplish and how they are perceived by others. No one wants to work with or for someone who is always disorganized.  They don’t like to see a manager who cannot find the time to focus on important work and supporting their team. Here are several key suggestions that will virtually skyrocket you personal productivity.

The starting point is to be confident enough to complete a personal assessment of the things that really get in the way of becoming more effective and productive. Start by jotting down, as honestly as possible, those things that are having a negative effect on productivity. This could involve outside factors or your own habits and productivity skill management. This may take you a week or two to journal in real time what is getting you sidetracked.

Once you have your initial draft of productivity stoppers, you need to discuss your productivity challenges with other trusted people around you. This is tough for some managers and executives because their ego gets in the way. Don’t let this hender your efforts. Pick 3 -5 people you trust, a few under you, a peer or two and at least one person above you. Just engage them in a conversation about your goal to improve your personal productivity. Ask a simple open ended question, “what things do you feel should be on my productivity improvement list?” No big deal, just ask the question and listen intently to the responses. Cross check this against your list.

Once your assessment and feedback have been combined into your productivity hit list, you will generally find that you can categorize the improvements into one of several categories.

  • Time management
  • Your behaviors
  • People interactions
  • Communications
  • Technology productivity enablers
  • Skill and technique improvements

For example, under the “Your Behaviors” category, you may see that you have notes, telephone call slips, To Do reminders on scraps of paper everywhere. These items get lost, stuck on the back of some report or fall into a file folder and you go crazy trying to find that important telephone number or great idea you jotted down. You waste time, become stressed and other people notice your disorganization lunacy. Come on, you know you are out there, just admit it and take the next step.

You can quickly stop this simple behavioral productivity “scrap of paper” problem by making better use of sticky notes placed in an organized place  or a system I use called “Justick” to really get these notes organized and in full view (see below). This is a fundamental management skill that needs to be mastered.

The point here is to fess-up and really honestly pinpoint the issues that are getting in the way of personal productivity issues that hinder using your management skills to be a top manager of people. Once you get the obstacles written down and out in the light of day, you can absolutely attack them and eliminate the problems one at a time. Your productivity increases, because you can better use your management skills, and people start to see you creating focus and quality time to really manage and build a high-performance business unit.

The results of your productivity evaluation are amazing and your personal and professional life moves to the next level. Why wouldn’t you want to take the step to evaluate the issues?

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