Business Management Involves Execution

Our premise is that successful managers get important work done by directing the work of others. This involves the core competencies of planning the work, delegating the plan and managing the execution.

At the heart of this process is the manager or executives skill at effectively assigning or delegating the important assignments.

The process of mastering the advanced skills for effective delegation are more than just a management academic discipline. Advanced skills require not just learning proven techniques but mastering them by applying them in every important assignment that is delegated. This is a conscious competency foundation.

Today’s busy, stressed, multi-tasking managers may dismiss taking any time to improve their delegation skills and methods but this is short sighted. Learning to better manage the project-assignment-execution dynamic will have almost immediate effects to help the manager get on firmer ground.

Whether you are an experienced manager or a new management trainee, real top rated success depends on business unit execution. This starts with the managers skill.

Where Do you Start for Management Skill Development on Delegation?

For the purpose of this article, we start with asking management development questions that can start focused thinking.

Are you planning important mid-level assignments like you would a major project?

Too often managers start an assignment involving their team or a sub-team without applying simple planning techniques. They rely way to much on their assumption that they can manage this process as it goes. Setting out what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who will work to execute it are minimum requirements. Add periodic scheduled updates and you are off to a good start.

Are you outlining how you will delegate each sub-task to the assigned person?

Delegating effectively involves setting out a very clear “delegation” statement of what needs to be done and how it connects to the over-all assignment. Managers need to ask for employee feedback on what is being assigned to insure there is no hidden lack of clarity. Communicate each assignment through the “lens of the employee” to better connect to the employees way of communicating and seeing things.

Are you really managing the delegated assignments with inspired execution in mind?

This starts with setting time lines for the completion of each sub-task of the over-all assignments. This requires a basic system to allow the manager to know at all times what needs to be done and when so follow-up can be done. If the assignment involves a number of coordinated steps and multiple employees, then scheduled update meetings are necessary.

This means know what is going on, know when things need to be done and know the status over everything. Ask questions at every turn.

effective delegation

Mastering Effective Delegation for top Business Management

Managers manage teams and those teams must execute projects and assignments at a high level.  This is the interplay between the manager and the team when it comes to successful delegation.  If you don’t thing the “team component” is critical, why would a company the size of Merrill Lynch put so much emphasis on it…

Majority of Merrill’s New Hires Going Into Team Training Program –
Majority of Merrill’s New Hires Going Into Team Training Program Wealth Sixty percent of all new trainees at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management are being hired into the firm’s Team Financial Advisor (TFA) program, an alternate 31-month education track to the firm’s traditional 43-month Practice Management Development (PMD) …

The advanced skills for effective delegation are an absolute requirement for any manager seeking to improve productivity and performance. It starts with the manager and ends with the manager.

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