Management Development Involves Assessing Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Management development, to apply a much used adage, is a journey and not a destination. To a great extent, this is the problem. A manager’s growth happens one thing at a time, one experience at a time and one idea at a time. It becomes critical to know your strengths and weaknesses and build an ongoing development plan around improvement. This is managing your journey.

Management Development Mindset

The following excerpt gives some valuable insights.

“I’ve been writing a lot recently about the personal development mindset.  A key part of the mindset is self-belief.  But before you can believe in yourself, you need to understand yourself; particularly your strengths, your weaknesses and your personality.  This is particularly important if you want to be successful at managing others!

 I have important news for you – there are no perfect managers.  Managers have strengths and all of them have weaknesses too.  You are no different to the rest.  There will be things that you are good at and there will be other things that you might prefer not to talk about, or even to admit to yourself.  And every one of us has our own quirks of personality.  Believe me, you need to understand yours!  If you want to succeed as a manager, you need to be honest and, not least, with yourself.


Being a good manager doesn’t mean you need to be perfect or to know everything.  But, you do need to be good at covering the gaps; that only works if you know where the gaps are.  Then you have option”….

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Look at Weaknesses in Two Ways to Help Manage People

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Management Development Leverages People

My experience taught me to go a step farther and look at weaknesses in two categories. The first, things I need to improve on that will compliment my strengths or be relevant in many important situations. The second category represents weaknesses that I would be much better off “off-loading” to a person around me…much more skilled in the area of my weakness. This is part of developing your management development goals.


Hard to Master all Management Methods

It is very hard to have all skills for all situations. To illustrate, I am simply not a technically oriented person. For me to learn a new technical skill, say becoming 100% proficient is a project management software program would be a waste of time. I would be far better off assigning that to someone already capable. On the other hand, improving public speaking skills is not something I could outsource.

In a sense, it is like do what you do best and outsource the rest, except for management skills that you must do yourself.


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