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Management of a business unit or project team provides you with so many opportunities to develop your people.  Yes you are delegating work assignments to execute important assignments but there is another layer here for growing your people.  One of the quotes I really believe to be true comes from a quote attributed to Bernard Malino,

“Without heroes we are all plain people and don’t know how far we can go.”

When you consider delegating work assignments as part of an important project or assignment, consider the terrific opportunity you have to be a “hero” to your people because you coach them up!  Yes…a manager who deliberately and consistently coaches their people to higher levels becomes their hero and leader.  In return, this manager gets significantly better results and builds a reputation for getting things done through highly motivated people.  Loyalty to the manager is a natural outcome.

10 Considerations for Why to Develop Your Team

There are ten specific things to think about in order to build development into your assignment delegation:

  1. Consider what “training” opportunities this assignment affords the employee.
  2. Are there new skills to be gained?
  3. Is there knowledge the employee will need to perform the assignments?
  4. Will the experience provide an opportunity for the employee to grow and expand in their area of responsibility?
  5. Can you tie an experienced mentor in with this assignment so that knowledge can be transferred and the learning expereince enhanced?
  6. Is this an opportunity to challenge a veteran person to get excited and more committed?
  7. Can this assignment bring people together who need to enhance their teamwork?
  8. Is this a chance for you to provide some one-on-one coaching and develop a deeper relationship with this employee.
  9. Are their some training or attitude interventions that could be helped during this assignment?
  10. Is this an opportunity to see how the employee can manage others in completing the assignment?

The point is simple.  Every meaningful work assignment carries the seeds for growth and development in addition to accomplishing the task at hand.  Veteran managers think about these opportunities all the time.  You get twice the benefit.  Important work gets done and people grow.  this is what management is really all about.  the stronger your people become through growth and development, the more they can accomplish and the greater their value to the team.

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Mangers Need to Resolve to Make Their People Better

I know for a fact that many managers are concerned at some level about the loyalty, commitment and dedication of their team.  They think about how the team should be getting better.  The worry about the lack of motivation or energy the team puts forth on projects.  They know that some members need to grow and get better.  They watch their employees in action and think about weaknesses and areas where skills are not where they need to be.

What does not happen during these thoughts and observations is a resolve to make the next work assignments a training platform to deal with what they have observed.

Every work assignment is a platform for growth.  When employees experience this development, they feel better about themselves.  They see where they we able to obtain knowledge or skill.

People truly become totally committed to a leader-manager who deliberately looks for opportunities for them to grow.  Other people will want to work on this manager’s team.  People gravitate to those who make them better.  Delegation isn’t just about assigning important work…it’s your chance to be a Hero.

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