Managers and executives need to be adept at delegating effectively. Many factors go into this skill and it is often a blind spot for many managers. There is often a subtle mental state that says…”look, I’m the manager, I;m in charge and my business unit needs to act on any assignment I hand out”…really?

In today’s performance based business world, with multi-generational employees, communicating your assignments in the most effective manner, given the variables of each employee, will make or break the ultimate performance and productivity of the manager’s team.
“Delegation is the art of asking a person to perform a task or series of task with full or partial ownership. In a professional domain, a typical organogram is a visual demonstration of delegation flow. Delegation Process in management is a critical thing all managers must consider because it’s a known fact that employees do not leave organizations, they leave managers which is usually a result of poor delegation process the managers follow.  The management must consider the fact that replacing an employee costs from 50% to the annual salary of the employee hence they are required to be vigilant so as to retain the employees. From my recent training on Delegation Process I learnt that there are 4 phases of every Effective Delegation Process:
1.  Evaluation
2.    Handover
3.    Support
4.    Debrief”
Successful, high-performance managers, build productivity and outstanding teams that execute important work, by mastering the skills for highly effective delegation. This can not be taken for granted, assumed or over-looked. Delegating for results is a learned skill with many facets that must be practiced and mastered.

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