Managers need to stress the process of “Delegation Confirmation.”  One of the key skills to accomplish this is asking confirmation questions.  Too often managers either assume the employee has a full understanding or are reluctant to utilize feedback techniques.  There are any number of ways to verbalize a feedback request.  How the Manager frames the feedback question is a function of the complexity of the assignment and the circumstances at hand.  At the very least, some form of the following questions needs to be utilized.  “Okay, are we clear on the assignment and do you have any questions.”

There may need to be more probing but it all starts with gaining basic confirmation.  Another confirmation probe would be to ask for any concerns the employee might have about the assignment.  A simple approach, “as you think about what needs to be done, do you have any questions or concerns.” the manager will learn a lot and avoid issues at the out-set before the assignment can be derailed.


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