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Most managers have heard of, or been trained on, KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).  managers seeking high performance through effective management by delegation, will need to think about KPI’s for any meaningful assignment. It is a simple question really. What are the key indicators that will reveal if a project is achieving it’s desired outcome. That facts suggest the project is on track or successful?

When planning, delegating and managing an important project or assignment, setting out the KPI’s for your business unit and then undertaking serious and consistent engagement with your team will assure the best results.

So, what are the key ingredients to a project’s KPI’s?

  1. Key Performance Indicators involve specific “measurements.” These measurements must be very relevant to the project, clear and demonstrate exactly what results are desired. I like to say that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” and this is where KPI’s come into play. 
  2. Innovation is a cornerstone for high-performance teams. Your people must be fully engaged in the need for creativity and innovation on an important assignment in order to achieve outstanding results. Innovation is the engine that drives top results. 
  3. The KPI activity to “propagate”  refers the ability of the manager to foster growing knowledge about the project, the innovation required and the engagement required of each team member to multiply the results by sharing and integrating with others. 
  4. The last step in the process is to “strategize.” This applies not only to the creative interaction for innovation but in the project status reviews as well. Important projects and assignments require regular status reviews to bring the team, or sub-sets of the team, together to review progress. In these meetings, the KPI’s are discussed in terms of progress toward completion of the project and the team strategizes on what to do next or how to over-come any obstacles, etc.

The process of “engagement” is critical not only in fully developing your KPI’s but in almost all management success. At the heart of the process is communication. Think of it like this…ENGAGEMENT = COMMUNICATION. Take a look at this short video from

The skill of managing people and assignments is at the heart of building high-performance teams. The use of Key Performance Indicators to plan, delegate and manage an assignment will increase the manager’s chances for really outstanding results.  Once the project has been planned, and KPI’s established, managing the execution trough intense engagement with the business unit will assure the best outcome.

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