Effective Delegation Management Skills could apply to either personal productivity or team productivity.

There are many objectives for the process of “management delegation.” One is for the manager’s personal productivity and the other is for the team’s productivity. It is important to differentiate these two objectives.

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Effective Team Delegation

Very often, when managers think about the process of effective delegation, they think of delegating tasks that free up their time for “more important work”, or they think all delegation is the same. This could not be further from the truth. The process of delegating daily tasks, such as administration, follow-ups and routine work to administrative staff is an important personal productivity skill for the manager. This is not the same as the process of delegating important assignments and progress action steps to members of the business unit.

The differences are both in the scale of importance and the end-to-end process. Let’s take a look at some of the core differences.

1. Delegating for personal productivity. The manager’s focus here is to sort through the list of daily-routine work items that are clogging up their productivity. It is true that successful managers organize themselves , and those around them, to be able to spend the most time on the most important activities. I call this the “clutter effect.” What routine clutter exists that can be assigned (delegated) to administrative support staff?

2. Delegating for Business Unit productivity. The highest and best use of the unit manager’s time is dedicated to the process of assigning tasks and assignments linked to the productivity and growth of the business unit. This process involves two steps. First, the manager must put together an integrated project plan to achieve a given business objective. Next, the manager selects the appropriate person to delegate the assignments to for completion. This is followed by effectively communicating the assignment. Once the assignment is delegated, scheduling progress reviews, coaching session, problem solving activities and checking milestones are all part of managing the delegation.

The management skills and techniques for effective business unit delegation are deeper, wider and more complex. Managers who work on the business unit delegation skills will be in a much better position to excel and build a high-productivity team. Delegating for personal productivity can help because it frees the managers time to work on business unit delegation. In the end, we come back to the basic responsibility of all managers, get important work done by delegating assignments to the business unit that grows the business.

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