Improving Communication Skills is for Every Manager

There is little question or argument that the more effective your communications as a manager the more effective you can lead your business unit. That said, why is so little time spent by managers in developing their skills at communication? We have uncovered several good references worth looking at in the hopes that managers will take notice.

Information Support Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This was a great bunch of students who achieved significant overall success rates during the elicitation practical exercise. One of the benefits of these four day programs is that we build into the course numerous opportunities to practice the skills taught in the course and conduct after action reviews to discuss these practice opportunities and provide feedback. We do some of these practical exercises in class. We do some of them together out of class. We also give the students practical exercises to do on their own.

I am a strong believer in applying newly acquired skills immediately after learning them. There is ample research that suggests that if one does not immediately apply newly acquired skills, they will forget most of the knowledge associated with that skill and never correctly incorporate it into their lives. That is unfortunate, as people invest their time and organizations their money for training courses that do not result in a significant change in people’s skill levels.

In my own courses, I experience mixed results. Some courses have the majority of the students actively working through the practical exercises each night. Other courses have a relative few that choose to make the effort. Those who make the effort will improve the effectiveness of their own interpersonal communication skills. Those who do not make the effort will remain at status quo. Some, who give no further thought to what they learned during the course, will have wasted four days of their lives and may have taken an opportunity away from someone who could have benefited from the training…More at Practicing Intelligent Communication Skills

Managers need as many quality resources as possible for personal and professional development. Effective communication skills are just one aspect of leadership and management skills development.

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