Managing a business unit implies managing people. The primary responsibility of a business unit manager is to get important work done through others. To a real extent nothing seems more important than how you handle your team. But, is this over-rated? Take a look…

“I started my career at one of the “big four” accounting firms. They hired talented college graduates and applied a time tested approach to developing them. It was much like going to boot camp. Management wanted to make sure you were instructed on the proper way to work within their environment. Your first year you did all the basic duties that reflected your position at the bottom of the corporate ladder. I spent time delivering supplies, proof reading financial reports and working on my calculator skills. I was assigned on multiple client engagements where I supported the more senior staff. It could be mind-numbing work. I wondered when I would utilize all my knowledge obtained as an accounting graduate.

Slowly but surely I moved up the corporate ladder and started to manage my own staff. Each year I received excellent training from the firm to help me develop as a manager. After five years I was managing multiple engagements and working with senior management at large public corporations. It seemed to me that success was measured in the number of people one managed….More at Is Managing People Overrated? | TeamPeopl

execute by planning assignments and directing the work of your business unit results in high or low performance and productivity.

Frankly, managing your people can not be over-rated because it is at the core of what you do as a manager. How well you execute by planning assignments and directing the work of your business unit results in high or low performance and productivity

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