career skills testsHow to establish career development goals, use career development tests.  There are any number of skills and capabilities tests and assessments available. 

In order to be able to develop a true career plan, you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and create a program to magnify your strong points and build your development needs.

We found an article from one of our favorite sources Mind Tools.  Just to get a feel for assessments, take their 15 question test.

Test Your Skills – Career Development Skills from
Take this self-test, and find out which business skills you most need to learn. On this site, you can learn the essential skills you need to be an exceptional leader, a valued team member, and an outstanding contributor in the workplace.

But, with more than 900 skills available, which ones will make the biggest difference for you?”

Career Development Insight: The top people in any industry or endeavor are constantly working to improve their skills and capabilities.

Once you have your assessment done and quantified the areas for improvement, you may want to refer to career development goals examples to get a clear picture of how to construct your plan for career development. You can get a head start at



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