Researching Career Development Ideas for Your Plan

Uncovering new and different career development ideas provides a “out -of-the-box” way of seeing your future possibilities.

If you are looking for career ideas to support your resolutions for the future, New Year’ or otherwise, it is important to broaden your brainstorming.  The world is changing fast and new and different careers are unfolding as we speak.

We have uncovered several resources for you that will help to get those creative juices flowing.

4 Career Resolutions For 2015 – AOL Jobs
“AOL Jobs4 Career Resolutions For 2015AOL Jobs”Reaching any career goal requires you to first know what it is that you really want to achieve,” says Cheryl Rich Heisler, president of Lawternatives, career consulting for lawyers exploring alternatives. So before you set those New Year’s …”

“One New Year’s resolution that we give to employees is to adopt a results-driven attitude. That means working to achieve aims rather than just sitting at a desk from nine to five. One way of doing this might be creating a list of tasks that need to be done and ticking off when they are achieved. Also, writing a daily report of tasks accomplished could help to improve organization and impress management.”

One of my favorite websites for career development ideas is  Take a look at this idea generating article…Thinking About Career Direction.

Benchmark Your Career for Ideas

Another idea generator is to look at bench-marking your industry, career profession or job goalsWe found an interesting article on this technique.

Keeping your professional development continuous | Guardian …
“Seek advice from those whose skills or career you wish to emulate. Improving … career. Here are some other professional development ideas (such as benchmarking)…

“Benchmarking the job market

When you’re busy at work it’s easy to lose sight of the changing needs of the job market. Periodically check out adverts and person specifications for roles that are either similar to yours or are in line with the role you’re looking for next. Do you have everything they’re looking for? For instance, are your IT skills up to scratch? Could the lack of a professional qualification be an issue if every employer seems to be asking for it?”


career ideas to research

Finding the trends in various career opportunities may uncover something new and different.

Searching for Career Ideas on the Internet

It seems obvious, but in looking for ideas it can be very helpful to do some searching on the internet.  To create an example, I entered a search term “career trends 2015”.  This approach is particularly good for people new to the job market, returning to the market of considering changing career directions.  Take a look at the gold mine of resources available.

Top Jobs and Career Trends for the Next 10 Years

10 Workplace Trends For 2015 – Forbes

The Future of Recruiting 2015-2020: Six Key Major Trends

Business 2.0: The Next Job Boom – CNN Money

SmartCompany – 15 job trends you’ll see in 2015

This just represents the top 5 results form my search.  Reading through resources like these will give you new and different ideas and take you in new directions.  You can also try searches in your profession or areas of interest.  An example would be “career trends electrical engineers” .  This will allow you to see trends and areas that are emerging.

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