An Effective Delegation Conceptual Framework for Solving Problems

Perhaps it is axiomatic to say that managers who delegate effectively are in the best position to help their company or business to solve important problems. When planning the steps needed to take appropriate action to solve a business issue, it is critical to define what the problem is and what actions are needed to solve or remove the issue.

To become a very good manager, you will only be able to solve business issues by managing others by crafting the right delegation plan. Managers may believe this to be an obvious process but I can tell you that most of the time they miss some important aspect of the task. Essentially, the manager must confront the problem from three fronts:

1. What is the Problem really?

Take the time to review every aspect of the problem. Meet with your manager and your key employees and get their take on exactly what the problem is that needs addressing. It is not uncommon to see the problem only in terms of the result or effect from the problem.

2. Next is a Clear Outline of the Negative Effects.

Let’s say that lack of productivity by the manager’s business unit executing assignments is the Problem. Okay, so what are the negative effects of this problem. Could be failure to meet assigned deadlines or ineffective team work. What ever the problem, what are the undesirable consequences?

3. Determine Exactly what is Causing the Negative Outcomes?

This is often referred to as “root causes.” This is the process of uncovering what it is that is really at the bottom of the issue. For example, failure to meet assigned deadlines might be cause by poor planning or lack of coordination among the business unit.  Get you best people together and brain-storm the real “causes” at the core of the problem.

Solve the Root Cause for Successful Delegation

One very effective way to test you conclusions is to ask, “if we solve the root causes” that our team has uncovered, will they in fact eliminate the Problem? These are not just conceptual issues surrounding effective delegation they are the day-to-day challenges faced by managers everywhere.

As a manager, your ability to effectively delegate work assignments that will solve the targeted Problem will rely on how well you cover these three steps. So the nest time you have a business unit problem to solve, ask your-self how can we thoroughly review the tree-step process? You will absolutely find that these simple steps increases your delegation management.

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