Basic Assignment Management skills

Delegating work assignments involves several basic skills, such as:

  • Identifying clearly what needs to be done
  • Defining “How” it should be done
  • Schedule for “When” it should be done
  • Select the specific “resources” that will be needed

Certainly, these are core elements and easily understood.  What can really make a big difference in the execution and outcomes is often the little things.  They tend to be intuitive.  They come from experiential know how on the part of the manager when delegating assignments.

Here are a couple of good questions for a manager to ask before delegating the task.

  1. What else does this employee need to know about the assignment that may be of help?
  2. Are there any “people issues” this employee may run into?
  3. Based on experience, are there any “tricks or the trade” that could help on this assignment?

It is a really good idea for a manager to take just a bit of time to see what “little things” can make a difference on the assignments to be delegated.

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