Effective Delegation is Not Dumping

In a recent article on the Small Business Connect web-site, entitle Employee Performance Management: Delegating for Success by John E. Trombley, Mr. Trombley made the case that ” delegating is not “dumping”.  It was a good point and a good article.  It is easy to confuse delegating busy work and delegating work assignments.  Sure, everything needs to be done and getting less than important work off a manager’s back is a sound principal.  That said, we need to differentiate between work assignments connected to growing the business or maintaining the momentum and “administrative work”.

Managers, particularly newer managers, may let the type of assignment over-lap and this can result in slower staff growth and reduced productivity.  First, if a manager has administrative staff reporting directly to them for day to day activities, they are acting as an extension of the manager and responsible to take as much day-to-day administrative work off the manager so they can be more productive.  In this case, you are not really “delegating” in the productivity sense of advancing the business.  You ae unburdening yourself from routine work.  The work of this type should be assigned to the “lowest denominator capable of completing the routine work successfully.”

When we are talking about delegation in the sense of assigning work to staff that will advance the business or help to execute important business projects or assignments, this is where true “management delegation” comes into play.  Don’t confuse the two and wherever possible, avoid “dumping” administrative work you don’t like to do on a member of your business unit capable of taking on assignments to advance your business objectives.

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