In part one of Delegation – Velocity of Execution, we pointed out the need for speed of execution when managing a team and delegating tasks effectively.  But how do you accomplish this speed of execution.  The foundation is to make absolutely sure you have a well thought out project plan with specific and coordinated tasks/assignments and time lines and deadlines.  You can’t go faster with project delegation and execution if you don’t know (1) exactly where, when and how each assignment is needed, and (2) if you don’t know where ever action step is at any given time.  To create Velocity of Execution requires you to delegate the next task immediately when the action steps needs to start.  It also requires you to know what is behind schedule and to make decisions to over-come the issues.


Michael D. Moore is the publisher of Management By Delegation and is a veteran executive with 40+ years in the Banking and Insurance Industries. A devoted entrepreneur, using his business experience to provide resources for managers and leaders at all levels. For the last 5 years, he has built a growing web presence for helping people with personal and professional development. To learn more about these advanced concepts & join our group Click here 5 Must Have Management Skills

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