Delegation management is a key to successful project or assignment planning and execution.

Coordination is like getting the right colors together in a painting. Where managers and executives have a project or assignment that will involve coordination across lines of business, or with outside resources, to manage the execution they will find effective “intra or inter” resource coordination imperative. There may be a valuable lesson for how this coordination can help or hurt the success of a manager’s efforts. We can look to examples in the  U.S civil-military reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan for lessons and direction on developing effective coordination with other resources.

4 Elements That Promote Effective Coordination –
4 Elements That Promote Effective Coordination Gov Delegation of decision-making authority to lower levels is necessary for coordinated results, but it must be paired with professional incentives to coordinate and accountability for results. For example, establishing joint personnel assessment …”

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Does Effective Coordination Depend on Personalities?

Dr. Yodsampa writes:  “Those who have led or served on inter-agency teams often argue that coordination is driven by personalities and relationships. Personalities and relationships do matter, of course. Public executives and managers must pay careful attention to the composition of inter-­agency teams. But they must not stop there. Attitudes and relationships are deeply affected by organizational factors. Therefore, public executives and managers must institutionalize systems and processes that foster the attitudes, relationships, and behaviors conducive to coordination.”

In her research, she identifies a small handful of systems and processes that she found were key to supporting effective coordination of results across agency boundaries in Afghanistan’s reconstruction efforts, such as road and school construction.”

Managers who can recognize the impact of the various personalities involved within their business unit and other project resources will have a step up on successful project execution. Of critical importance is the “relationship” question. Managers need to assess what personality issues my impede effective resource coordination and work ahead to resolve or mitigate any potential issues. This is a key element of management planning for effective delegation.

One of the hallmarks of a high-performance business unit is the focus on and management of the integration of skills and personalities with the requirements of a project or assignment’s key requirements for execution. This seems somewhat obvious but in many years of management what is the usual process is to make the assignment to the business unit or sub-team without much thought to skills & personalities.

A simple example would be a member of the business unit who works effectively alone but not effectively as a member of a team. Where possible a manager of this type of personality would not want to assign this person to a major responsibility that would rely on close team work.  That is not to say that such a personality that lacks team work skills. Resource coordination by a business unit manager utilizes the skills and characteristics of each member of the unit. You wouldn’t integrate new technology into the tools of a business without knowing its capabilities. The same is true of the most important tool at a managers disposal…people.

When it comes to planning and executing projects and assignments, delegation management is a core competency and one of the difference makers in building a high-performance team that executes at a high level.


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