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When you consider the reality that “communication” is the basis for building relationships and the heart of team building, why do so many managers fail at it?  The reality is that almost every employee survey in company after company indicate communications issues.  During a 10 year stint with a large company, successive surveys over this period showed “communication issues” in the top 5.  Nothing ever changed.  It was not that senior management ignored the issue.  In fact, they put time and effort into solving it.

The heart of the matter comes down to one manager and one employee at a time.  People just allow the busy work environment to short circuit effective communication.  It is clear that there is no easy remedy here or companies would have solved this recurring issue.  A manager can do something about it at their level every day.  Start by the process of communication delegated work assignments.  While there is much skill and technique involved in management by delegation, using basic skills will be a great start.

Define “What Needs To Be Done”

A manager who will define each work assignment by a clear description of “What” needs to be done, “How” id needs to be accomplished and “By When” it should be completed will be of to a really good start.  Follow that up by asking the employee if the assignment is clear and probing for any questions or concerns they have will put communication on a sound footing.

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