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Management Success and Advancement Significantly Boosted by Personal Branding

You will not a bit of my passion for how important branding is when integrated with your management development and skills. I have observed so many examples of how efforts to build a positive brand contributes to both your success but also how you are perceived by at all levels within the organization. In my own case, I learned from my experience with my first organization, that not having a clear and present “brand”, not matter how will you performed, put me in a weaker spot when merger decisions and retention had to be made. I vowed not to let that happen with my second company and completed a successful career advancing to President of a subsidiary company and executive vice president in the corporation.   The efforts I made to build a distinct personal brand, coupled with solid performance and results, were the keys to success. The Basics of Personal Branding for Management Success

  • A good personal and professional brand signifies an easily recognizable persona.
  • People view your “branding” and if done correctly create a favorable awareness.
  • Branding is the result of communication skills, personal image and positive behaviors.

One constructive way to view the effects of branding is to think about leaving  a “positive and constructive footprint” in the minds of those you work with in the organization. Take a look at 4 important Tips…

management skills for branding Part of self discovery is to outline a clear picture, don’t hold back any honest assessment, of who & where you are professionally. Perhaps you have completed some personality tests inside or outside the organization or done some evaluation on your own.  Use everything at you disposal to get this right, including people close to you who can give you honest feedback. We uncovered an article on getting a clear picture around your characteristics and skill set…

Defining your personal brand: what are your attributes & skills? – The Drum Defining your personal brand: what are your attributes & skills?The Drum If you want to more clearly define your unique personal brand, I’d suggest starting with a few key questions, leveraging some consumer brand management concepts. My focus here is on your professional career, but your brand can and should extend to the …

At its core, a brand is the collection of functional and emotional benefits delivered to an end consumer. Similarly, your personal brand is the collection of your skills and personality that comes through in your interactions with others and the work you do.

AWESOME: Be a better you.

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Being clear on who you are as a brand can help you leverage your strengths, define your contributions to a team, and communicate your unique value to others, whether during an annual review or a job interview. In speaking with people who are facing a turning point in their career, whether taking on a new role within their company or making a career shift, I’ve found those who are clear on their personal brand have the greatest clarity and confidence in deciding how best to move forward.

If you want to more clearly define your unique personal brand, I’d suggest starting with a few key questions, leveraging some consumer brand management concepts. 

Visualize Examples of People with great Personal Brand










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As you begin to develop a clear picture of what you bring to the table today, stay with the basics. Understanding the core concept behind what your brand really means is key. For example, think about Richard Branson.  Branson maintains a consistent visual look and a solid perception of independence, strength and entrepreneurship…widely recognizable.     Look more closely at the core concept here. Think about how companies build brand. How can you adapt some of their strategies to building your own brand?





professional development

Building a personal brand means looking at all your characteristics & how the benefit others.


The most important thing here is to first, recognize how important personal branding really is to effective leadership and, second, take the first step and start crafting a clear description of your current traits, characteristics, skills and how others might see you.
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