Team Productivity Tied to Management Skills for Open Work Environment

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There is little doubt that a work culture that is not open and steeped in inter-personal relationships almost always under performs to potential while an open, highly inter-active culture thrives and performs.

This seems so obvious but if that were the case, managers would be building high-performing teams at a much higher rate.

interpersonal relationships

Team productivity enhanced by engagement culture.


Managers Who Want a Top Performing Team | Think Communication

There are specific facts that support the concept that creating a dynamic, open and transparent business unit environment contribute directly to higher productivity and performance.

Get Feedback Consistently

Give Feedback Consistently

Encourage Open interaction among the team

In a telling article in the Harvard Business Review, the benefits of open communication and feedback are apparent… 

How to Build a Feedback-Rich Culture

“Direct feedback is the most efficient way for people to understand their impact on others in working relationships — but few of us realize that interpersonal feedback is as much a product of the surrounding culture as of the relationship itself. To cultivate a culture conducive to feedback:

  • Start small. We miss opportunities to provide positive feedback every day because we think only big wins merit discussion. When you see any behavior you want to encourage, acknowledge it and express appreciation.”


Manager Development Invites Productivity Skills

In a manager’s attempts to organize and create guidance for the business units operation, they inevitably impose rules that build barriers to the team’s interaction and engagement. This stifles the inter=personal relationships need to increase productivity and cooperation. Take a look here…

How to Increase Productivity, Motivation and Engagement From Your Top … – Entrepreneur
 “How to Increase Productivity, Motivation and Engagement From Your Top …Entrepreneur… management adds more rules and buffers that minimize employees’ sense of empowerment at work. He suggests six rules for management to use that would simplify operations and that will also improve motivation, productivity and employee engagement.”

employee communications

Teamwork and engagement create higher productivity.

Think about how to build engagement, feedback and open communications as an integral part of your team’s culture.






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