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One of the biggest road blocks to effective delegation is the existence of out-dated or ineffective business practices. In corporate speak, this is referred to as “Sheep-It.” This means allowing practices that don’t add value or actually impede progress to exist. It is much more pervasive in most business units that one might think.

How can we create higher-productivity by attacking the road-block business practices and the tendency to “Sheep-It?”

Removing the road blocks to productivity

There are some very basic management skills and techniques that will remove the road block of bad practices and create higher productivity and momentum.

  • Group Visual Communication

    First, make it known within your business unit that you are committed to find and kill business practices that hurt the team’s productivity. Encourage employees to come forward with suggestions and recommendations for changing or eliminating bad practices. As manager, you have to have a credible attitude toward finding these impediments. The minute you ignore even considering a suggestion from an employee, you send the wrong message. The perception must be that “you will consider any change of an unproductive business practice as long as there is a good business case and workable solution.”

  • If you find a member of your business unit that is “Sheeping-It” by blindly follows some business practice that produces negative results without raising a concern, have a coaching moment. Let people know that if a practice does not feel right or looks like a problem, raise a concern. No one well get in trouble for not Sheeping-It.
  • Where an employee uncovers an outdated or unproductive business practice, brings it into the light of day or finds a way to work around it successfully. Recognize this action in refusing to “sheep-It.  This recognition sends the exact message the manager wants to encourage. It says ” we don’t want to blindly follow bad practices and we encourage people to help us find and kill them.”

Develop a culture that removes road blocks

A manager who can create this type of culture, one that looks for out-dated and progress killing business practices, will exhibit the management skills that people want to follow. It takes a  leader to be progressive and to attack the status-quo. Employees are the first to recognize and bitch about practices that are “stupid.” They are thinking “how can this business unit allow this to continue?” But they may not have the confidence to bring this forward if the manager has not created the culture of change management. this is important. Building a high-productivity business unit depends on it.

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