Authority Delegation is All About Empowerment

Delegating authority is a frequent area of concern and challenge for many managers. Having the necessary knowledge to empower specific employees, or teams, requires a closer understanding of each person involved.  For the manager, “trust” is a central issue. They do not want to have an important assignment derailed because delegated empowerment went astray. This week we have uncovered several important references to aid any manager in this process. Poker anyone…

Delegation is an Art! Point finale.

In this rapidly changing world where change itself has changed, we need more people to be part of the system to provide evolutionary, disruptive and open innovation! Internet connections, data storage, mobile devices, genome sequencing, everything today is growing at an exponential rate where organizations need to be more adaptive, and change as fast as change itself. Top-down controlled, managed organizations are bound to die as there is no time to aks for permission! The only way to survive in this new world is to get your organization to engage with their (potential) customers and with their employees in order to find the change it needs to survive within this jungle of opportunities. Being slow is not an option anymore! Producing low quality is not an option anymore! Neglecting your customers is not an option anymore!

One of the options at hand is to grow self-organizing mechanisms within your organization that are empowered to swiftly act upon the opportunities at hand. But how do you manage to empower teams in such a way that it is useful and beneficiary to the organization? As we support many organizations we have discovered a lot of helpful tools and techniques: RACI, LRC, DACI, Situational Leadership… and many more. All of them have some truth in them but there is only one that we experienced that works 8 out of 10 times instead of occasionally: “Delegation Poker” in combination with “Authority Boards”.

Why is that?

Delegation poker is a merge of many other models, which considers the complexity of delegation or empowering teams! It provides you an easy guideline to grow the competences of people in order to be able to take on the authority given by their manager…More at Delegation is an Art! Point finale. |
effective delegation

Effective Team Delegation

While some managers may be reluctant to use or coordinate a team exercise, the benefits can be significant. Whether empowering your business unit or specific employees, the benefits can far outweigh the risks, Knowing your employees skills, abilities and any weak areas can assure the manager that they delegate the right level of authority. Empowering people is the ultimate productivity enhancer.

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