Micro-managing and Delegation Success

Much has been written on the perils of “micro-managing”, that is to say over-controlling your employees after delegating work assignments to them.  Even though this characteristic has been much publicized it is pervasive in many organizations.  Why is that?  Why is this motivational killer so prevalent?  Why are companies suffering from lack of project execution performance and still wondering why?

The answer lies to a great extent in the what I call the “curse of success”.  More often than not, new managers or executives moving up in the organization are promoted based more on what they have demonstrated as a doer rather that their skills for management.  More highly productive employees have been side-tracked by promotion to a manager’s role without either the demonstrated potential to manage or the training to be good at it.

Is experience a qualification for management success?

The “curse of success” comes about because the person moving into the management role has “earned their spurs”, they have demonstrated their superiority at specific work or responsibilities.  They have been recognized for it and their EGO is full of this self-confidence around it.  So now they are a manager and guess what?  Instead of learning to lead others and coach their people to learn/know what they know…they micro-manage!  Their EGO drives them to think and feel that “I can do it better, faster and more effectively than you can”.  They get in the way.  Their employees lose motivation.  The team does not grow and become an execution machine and the manager just can’t figure out why.

The finest compliment a manger or executive can receive is the reputation for getting things done, for superior execution of important assignments because they have grown, trained and trusted their team.  They mange the work not do the work.  think about that for a minute.

Tips on Delegating

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