Effective Delegation Separates Leaders from Managers

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When it comes to effective delegation, leaders manage but not all managers really lead. Basic management is often thought of as organizing work activities and directing people’s efforts around them True enough, but as managers advance in the organization, learning to be a real leader becomes more and more critical.  When managers find their people not really following, a reluctance to “buy into” where the manager wants to take the unit, a basic leadership flaw if present.

A fundamental to successful leadership is “selling the vision” of where the business unit is going, why it is going there and how the team will execute the plan.  This aspect of leadership is so important, we found a resource to help managers learn how to build follow-ship.

Why Your Employees Aren’t Following You

“1. They don’t like you.
Research shows we’d rather work with incompetent people who are nice than competent people who aren’t. If you treat people poorly and are generally unlikable, it is unlikely anyone will follow you unless they are scared to death to do otherwise. 


If you feel like your employees aren’t standing behind you, here are eight reasons why?

A manager who really wants to learn and grow will take a hard look at the 8 reason that people don’t follow their leader. Try to ascertain in an honest self-coaching way, which area might be a problem. Ask people around you that you can trust to assess your delegation skills and how effectively you are leading as well as managing. Most significant leadership skills are learned. finding areas for improvement is an important aspect of any management development program.


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