What is effective management?

The simple question, “what is management?”, would appear as obvious to most managers and executives. It would be dismissed in many conversations and that would be a mistake. The reality is that many, if not most, managers today could benefit greatly from three things.

  1. A review of the key responsibilities of a successful manager
  2. An assessment, both of self and perhaps the insights of people in a position to know you
  3. A specific plan to undertake management development activities to improve skills, knowledge and focus on high-performance

We believe strongly that a clear and accurate definition of managing effectively for those in “line type” management of a team or business unit would be this…

Effective management is the building, development and directing of a high-performance team capable of executing and getting important work done.

This may appear obvious but for new managers and in the day-to-day battles of existing managers it is far to common to lose track of the vision of what it takes to build a team with a reputation for excellence in their give job responsibilities and mission. We believe there are 6 fundamentals for effective management:

6 Core Competencies for effective management

  • Develop and communicate with absolute clarity the mission 7 responsibility of the team or business unit.
  • Connect the job and responsibility of each member of the team to the mission of the business unit. Why are you here and what is your exact role in making the team successful?
  • Outline the “job duties and performance expectations” for every position and commit to periodic and candid face-to-face performance reviews.Plan the operational execution of the business units responsibilities and specific projects and assignments
    • What are your specific duties?
    • What does expected and successful performance at your job look like?
    • How will your results be measured?
    • What is your responsibility to the team apart from your specific job duties?
  • Delegate the work that needs to be accomplished effectively
  • Manage the execution of the team’s assignments and projects and the individual assignments, review results and manage performance improvements and issues.


management development skills

People Management Skills

Inherent in the growth of the team and each individual, including the manager, is training and development. This applies not only to the business unit manager, the unit’s supervisors and team leaders but also to the staff.  Let’s look at some resources on this topic…

What Is Management Development?
“Most management development does not involve outside classes. Management development is the overall concept that describes the many ways that …Building the skills of managers through management development options is critical to the effective functioning of your organization. This is because of the power of a manager to impact the organization through his or her oversight of the work of other employees”…Click on the title above to learn more?

A specific resource that will prove valuable  on the subject of  how what managers can do to affect performance through training can be found here:

training and development
Training process for organisations – training, coaching, mentoring process and guidelines, plus free training tips, tools and materials by email.

Conventional ‘training’ is required to cover essential work-related skills, techniques and knowledge, and much of this section deals with taking a positive progressive approach to this sort of traditional ‘training’.

Importantly however, the most effective way to develop people is quite different from conventional skills training, which let’s face it many employees regard quite negatively. Free online …(click heading above)

Planning the work and working the plan for high-performance execution of projects and assignments depicts the definition of  effective management  basic resources can be found both inside and outside the organization. Take a quick look at this resource…

Project Management Tools from MindTools.com
Learn more than 50 techniques that will help you manage projects exceptionally well.  As you move ahead in your career, you are likely to face more complex and difficult challenges. 

Some of these will involve the coordination of many different people, the completion of many tasks in a precise sequence, and the expenditure of a great deal of time and money. Whether you succeed or fail with these projects depends on how good you are at project management. – See more at: http://www.mindtools.com/pages/main/newMN_PPM.htm#sthash.NZe2afXr.dpuf

Now, the ability to mange the execution of strategies, objectives, assignments and projects caps off the managers effectiveness and defines the ability of the business unit to get the important work done.

Business Management Strategy: The 4 Disciplines of Execution …
“When it comes to attaining wildly important organizational goals, the role of the manager in the business execution process is critical. Yet managers too often are foggy about what the key goals are, and they typically have too many goals to begin with. Unlike most traditional business management strategy training, the purpose of The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Manager Certification is not just for business management strategy, but to help managers create actual work plans…”

Start with the assessment of your current level of management effectiveness.  Leave your ego at the door, and as we say to our grand kids “put your listening ears on”! There is much at stake and the opportunity to really improve and move yourself and your team to the next level is right in front of every manager.

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Michael D. Moore is the publisher of Management By Delegation and is a veteran executive with 40+ years in the Banking and Insurance Industries. A devoted entrepreneur, using his business experience to provide resources for managers and leaders at all levels. For the last 5 years, he has built a growing web presence for helping people with personal and professional development. To learn more about these advanced concepts & join our group Click here 5 Must Have Management Skills

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