How to Simplify Organizational Skills for Management Development

It is simply not easy to keep our workday simple let alone relaxed.  In our over-achieving, multi-tasking and success drive world simple, let alone relaxed, seems impossible.

If we start by looking at an excerpt of an article at and worth a look…

6 Steps on how I keep my workday more simplified and relaxed BY Chris Kobena

Today I do lot of research work and I get a lot of things done but that does not mean that my day is more stressful. This is because I have changed a lot about how I work, how much I get done and how well I do these things. In fact it is often more relaxing than it used to be. This is not because I have become some kind of superhuman but simply because I have developed some new habits and I stick with them as best I can all day every day.

One of the main things I’d like for you to keep in mind is that these steps are self-sacrificing. It won’t be easy all the time but are worth it if you give them a try.

Come along with me as I share these 7 habits that have had the largest positive impact on my daily work:

1. Simple refocusing:

Over my simple work space there hangs a small white board. It has three sentences written on it. All of them help me simplify my day. From the top:

  • “Keep things extremely simple”. When I lose my way during the day and slip into procrastination or over complicating things I can just look up and remind myself about how to go about things.

  • “Clean work”. This one reminds me to single-task and to just do one thing at a time fully focused during my whole workday.

  • “There is no problem”. I have (or my mind has) a tendency to sometimes start to look for problems where there really are none. If I feel I have a problem I usually look up and read this sentence. It helps me to think things over once again. Sometimes I find that there really is a problem that I can solve. Oftentimes I discover that the problem may just be something have I have created in my mind. And so I let it go.

Is it really possible to simplify our work day by organizational skills and techniques?

Laser Focus on Professional Productivity

Kill the traditional TO-DO list! It is not the need for a list of actions that need to be completed that destroys our work performance, it is the tolls and methods we use. Let’s start with the typical “to-do” list.

If your To-Do list is simply a hotch-potch of notes and reminders, call slips and ideas jotted on a slip of paper and piled in Mount To-Do you are undermining your very professional future.

organizing and prioritizing

Photo Source / CCO

You must get this process under control…period.  There is no end to the tools and techniques for this and make no mistake, productivity is at stake here. So, where to start?

  1.  Make much better use of your calendar and schedule to make sure all the appointments and reminders are noted.  Your mobile phone calendar is a great place to start and many have tools and enablers to expand their value in keeping you organized.
  2. Priorities – the missing link with To-Do lists.  The first of several weaknesses with your To-Do list is the lack of two absolutely integral elements for personal organization and work productivity.
    • Time Line/Deadline focus and management
    • Order of priority from the proven method of “Urgent/Critical, Urgent/Not Critical, Important,  Not Important”

Time Management Models for Improved Management Skills

It can be helpful to view several models that point out some of the more advanced models for organization and time management.  Our first reference is an article showing the four steps in solid time management.

Time Management Activity

The ability to mange time normally takes two skills:

  • Organization: the ability to organize tasks according to their priorities

  • Task: the ability to focus on the task on hand

Effective time management

The second, very helpful article, discusses the three skills and corresponding techniques in a PDF document you will find of value. Time management & your action list involves three skills:

Effective Time Management Article

All the methods described in this information will provide you with methods and ideas for better managing your To-Do list and turning it into an Plan-Of-Action.

Management Improvement Opportunities

For those who want to get ahead, and most thoughtful people who read this post fall into that category, you simply can not over-look how you are organizing your time and work.

Looking at the fundamental S.W.O.T type analysis as a backdrop to improving productivity and time and tasks management can set the stage for better development.

management developmentSource: Photo By Xhienne / CC 2.5

If we hearken back to the disorganization of the To-Do list and time and project management in general. we can easily see that it can be a “Weakness” that poses a”Threat” that can be turned into an “Opportunity.”

Mastering the ability to prioritize you taks and To-Do list items is integral to seizing the opportunity for improved productivity.  There is a valuable article covering this opportunity and here is an excerpt from 4 Must Know To-Do Lists To Prioritize Tasks.

“Prioritize Tasks For Ultimate Efficiency”

“When you have a project of any kind, begin using your organizational skills by making a to-do list of every step that you will have to complete to finish the project from beginning to end. Prioritize tasks by organizing the project by priority and sequence. Lay it out in front of you on paper or on a computer so that you can see it. Then go to work on one task at a time. You will be amazed at how much you get done in this way. As you work through your lists, you will feel more and more effective and powerful. You will feel more in control of your life. You will be naturally motivated to do even more. You will think better and more creatively and you will get more and better insights that enable you to do your work even faster.”

Get organized..your career depends on it.



Michael D. Moore is the publisher of Management By Delegation and is a veteran executive with 40+ years in the Banking and Insurance Industries. A devoted entrepreneur, using his business experience to provide resources for managers and leaders at all levels. For the last 5 years, he has built a growing web presence for helping people with personal and professional development. To learn more about these advanced concepts & join our group Click here 5 Must Have Management Skills

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