Managing Projects All the Rage with Technology Enablers

It is no surprise that “project management” has continued to become a super-productivity enhancer when done correctly. This has fostered a number of tools and software resources to help be good at it. We start our look at the state of project management tools by looking at the top five from Open Source.

Top 5 open source project management tools in 2014 – 
“Top 5 open source project management tools in 2014opensource.comLast year, covered some popular open source project management tools (ProjectLibre, ]project-open[, and OpenProject.) We found these articles to be valuable to our readers, so here we take a look forward at what we think 2014 holds for …

Last year, covered some popular open source project management tools (ProjectLibre, ]project-open[, and OpenProject.) We found these articles to be valuable to our readers, so here we take a look forward at what we think 2014 holds for these open source project management tools. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but each tool listed here has been deliberately selected based on a rich feature set.”


“In our interview with Marc O’Brien, co-founder of ProjectLibre, we featured a tool with support for task management, resource allocation, tracking, Gantt charts, and much more. ProjectLibre is a good alternative to a commercial software product like Microsoft Project.

In December 2013, ProjectLibre released version 1.5.8, and a full rewrite of the codebase towards an Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI) modular architecture is ongoing. This will allow connector modules for better integration with enterprise solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  ProjectLibre was awarded InfoWorld’s “Best of Open Source” in 2013 and ranks in my personal top 3 favorite open source project management tools. 

ProjectLibre is a Java based client tool. During their 2014 Q1 this year, they will release version 2.0. It is not clear yet when the SaaS version will become available. More at Open Source >>


effective delegation

Lens of the employee delegation

The ability to plan and execute project management initiatives is not just a big company competency. Small and medium sized companies need strong project skills and resources. In many ways, the smaller company, with less resources and owner staff multi-tasking at a premium, makes skills and resources for planning and completing projects and assignments even more important.  We found 10 Apps that can help the smaller business with the tools for success at managing their mission critical projects.

10 Best Project Management Apps for Small Businesses | Rank Local
Nov 1, 2012 … “Run your business more effectively than your competition. Here are ten of the best project management tools to boost company productivity and …

In a nutshell, project management means breaking huge, long-term projects into milestones and tasks, each of which can be delegated to either one person or a team of individuals. Project management apps are also much more intuitive and efficient to use than documents and spreadsheets.

Unfortunately, most of today’s popular project management apps are quite expensive, especially those that sport numerous features, such as integration with third party invoicing services, CRM, time tracking, etc.”

– See more at:


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