Product Synopsis – Public Speaking Excellence

Effective Public Speaking is really a cornerstone Skill of Top managers and Executives

Developing really high-level skill requires training, practice and personal development.

The program we like is called Public Speaking Crush It! (an unusual name but a great program).

Here is why this professional self-development program stands out for me:

  • There are 16 Audio Modules each taught by an expert in that skill area!
  • The Program theme is “How to Overcome Your fear of public speaking without Attending A Speech class or hiring an expensive coach”
  • A Free program by Terri Harley called, “7 Simple and Easy Tips for overcoming the fear of public speaking”

Here is what you are going to get over the 16 week Program

Module 1: Face Your Fear by Dr. Lorraine Cohen

Module 2: Your Audience

Module 3: Prepare for Success

Module 4: How to Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking

Module 5: Visualize Your Outcome by speaking coach Corinne McElroy

Module 6: Humor to Captivate Your Audience

Module 7: Powerful Communication Skills

Module 8: Your Dynamic Voice

Module 9: Take Control of Your Presentation

Module 10: Own the Room

Module 11: Dress for Speaking Success

Module 12: Practice Saying “Yes”

Module 13: Advanced Speaking Strategies

Module 14: Lively Speaking

Module 15: What is Your Speaking Mission?

Module 16: Marketing (your skills) on the Internet

Here is why I like this Program

  • The program provides you with the 16 most important public speaking skills
  • Presented by 16 top professionals, speaking coaches, and trainers
  • You get Both a Module Teleseminar and a PDF script of each presentation.
  • You can try the Program risk free for $4.95
  • A solid 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason

Check out all the details by simply Clicking (or copy into your Browser) this Link:

Public speaking is a really important management skill…so simply check this out.


Disclosure: This is an affiliate product we have researched and should you decide to purchase the program, M D Moore Marketing, LLC will receive renumeration.


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