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Some interesting news regarding management skills for those who manage people for results. There is considerable emphasis by the leadership academics group to build “models of management.” I have mixed thoughts regarding whether you can really bottle up the magic formula for leadership. that said, it is interesting to see what some of the latest developments focus on. Take this article on “customized leadership advice.”

Virtually every corporate and academic leadership development program is founded on the same model — we call it the formulaic model. It tries to collect all the various approaches to leadership, shaves off the weird outliers, and packages the rest into a formula. The notion behind all this is simple: The right way to lead is out there. A best-practice model exists. Once we discover it and turn it into a formula, development is just a matter of bringing you in line with that formula.

We need a new model — one that is scalable but accommodates the uniqueness of each leader’s techniques; one that is stable enough to permit the training of hundreds of leaders at once but dynamic enough to incorporate and distribute new practices and other innovations in real time.

But is that possible? The answer is yes. Over the past couple of years, many organizations have begun doing just that. The effort at Hilton Worldwide’s focused-service brands — Hampton, Homewood Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, and Home2 Suites — is a good example. My company worked with Phil Cordell, the head of those brands, to create an algorithmic model of leadership development and an app that sustains personalized learning….More at How to Give Every Employee Customized Leadership Advice

Perhaps you can reduce specific leadership down to an algorithm…what are your thoughts? Management skills most certainly involve the leadership component. Still not sure you can just “stamp out leaders” like a factory builds cars, but the skills can most certainly be taught.

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