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One of the hallmarks of effective delegation management is to utilize leadership skills as part of the manager’s style. Gaining management skills is important but so is the application of natural leadership abilities when interacting with a business unit. In this weeks news & Views, we explore some examples and additional techniques.

It can sometimes be difficult to find effective management tools that showcase your leadership skills. If you are looking for management development innovations to incorporate into your unit or organization, then look no further than Valve Software, a software development company with a unique management vision.

Rather than the typical organizational structure, Steve Kramer and Teresa Amabile of the Harvard Business Review describe how Valve “employees have almost complete autonomy.” Basically, employees have the freedom to design their own projects without receiving assignments from managers. If an employee has a great idea and can get support from their colleagues, then the project is likely to take off. Managers ask their employees how they can help, rather than watching their employees’ every moves and expecting strict adherence to their own agendas.

Kramer and Amabile, while impressed by this successful business management model, acknowledge its impracticality in larger corporations or in other industries with higher project costs. However, they do see some crucial take-home management development tips to help anyone interested in leadership innovation in any industry.

Management Development Tips

1. “Articulate an inspirational mission”

Research shows that employees are more efficient and engaged if they are working on projects that are personally meaningful and if they feel like that work is important. Excellent leaders should articulate and communicate a mission statement that inspires their employees to do their best each day….Learn More Tips at A Crucial Distinction in Management Development.

Teamwork Communication

Teamwork Quotient

Part of managing and leading is to consistently engage each employee in connecting the work that they do with the mission and purpose sought by the organization. The application of leadership skills in this process is something that organizations need to develop with their managers. Here are two more references discussing the application of management development practices.

Skills for Leadership

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To find more on advanced concepts click here> 5 Must Have Management Skills or simply visit plan-delegate-manage.com/the-five-essential-    characteristics-for-career-advancement/ and get your complimentary copy. Michael D. Moore is a veteran executive with over 40 years of experience in the Insurance and banking industries in the United States.  He is the creator of the website, www.plan-delegate-manage.com, which strives to bring real world experience, proven skills and valuable delegation tools to managers around the world.



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