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Sounds like a peculiar topic for management skills, but gaining customers who inter-act with your website and company is part of the cutting edge concept called “gamification.”  If you manage a business and want to engage more actively with your customers through your website and advertisements, you better listen up. Your competitors will be doing it soon enough.

Here is how big this is going to become. According to research, in 4-5 years companies will spend over a billion dollars on games that engage their customers.

The aim of creating games is to increase customer loyalty and get your employees active as well. It will involve including games in your advertising and through promotions on your website. The goal here is to use “gaming strategies” in more traditional customer activities. Playing games, whether on-line or on your Wee, is fast becoming a big part of how people interact. There is almost no end to how creative a manager or executive can become with games for customer interaction.

Types of Customer Games

Games can be applied to coupons, discounts, customer loyalty programs, prospects. The games can include challenges and rewards that engage the customer with your companies product or service. Games can be used as part of training customers and employees. According to data from research firm Interpret, almost one-quarter of the people who play a game actually “click on an ad” and buy a product!

This “gamification” trend is something every business needs to get their arms around. For some managers, this will seem beneath their marketing think. Don’t let that happen. Be out front in developing some simple game to engage your customers. Let people score points and if they are in the top 25 in points scored, provide a discount or a gift. If you have a Facebook Account for your business, put a game opportunity on your site and see how people interact.

It’s time to get outside the box and get with the latest in marketing strategies. A major retailer recently launched a game and in one month added over 160,000 new people to their site.

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